EBook-making Competition Introduction

We only require at least 10 pages for each ebook. There is no limitation about themes and styles. All participants can play their own creativity, making the most unique Ebook in the world!

Contest Rules

  1. The works having participated in the national competition and the award-winning can not participate in this competition.
  2. Participants' registration information must be correct and complete. Otherwise, the works will be not qualified for the competition.
  3. When you register to participant the game, you agree with the regulations of the competition. If there is any behavior breaking the rules, we will cancel the qualification for participating the competition.
  4. Any materials must be your own creation. If there is violation of copyright, the participants will be responsible for their own legal liability.
  5. Participants in Education Cup, who must make the Ebooks via the official website of seventh competition. Otherwise, it will be automatically deleted and disqualified. (This does not apply to Professional Cup)
  6. Regarding the Professional Cup, participants upload the EPUB or PDF files, and fill in the correct URL works in the entry form on the official website of seventh competition. If there is any mistake, we have right to delete and disqualify it. (This does not apply to Education Cup)
  7. Participants can only use Chinese or (and) English in works. 


  1. Students or teachers overseas and within Taiwan, who have the related idenfication.
  2. Participants can participate as individual or as a team and the team members can only up to 6; participating students need to have a guide teacher.
  3. There must be at least 10 pages for each works.
  4. Not limited to students, everyone can participate in professional groups.


Please register as a member on official website, filling in the correct and complete registration information. (Participating entry and school cannot be modified after submitting). After completion of the upload, get back to “Member Center” on the official website and click "participate". Make sure that you have filled out the complete information. (Please ensure the E-mail address can receive emails without any delay).

The competition includes 3 entries:

  1. Education entry.
  2. Professional entry.
  3. Topic contest entry.

Contest Schedule

  1. Time: 12pm 3rd October, 2016 ~ 12pm 3rd March 2017.
  2. Online voting time: 12pm 6th March, 2017 ~ 12pm 16th March 2017, total 11 days.
  3. Preliminary Review Time: 15th March, 2017 – 21st March, 2017
  4. Preliminary finalists Publish date: 12pm 24th March, 2017 published on the official website of the Seventh Contest, GOGOFINDER website and Facebook Page " GOGOFINDER雲端電子刊物加值平台".
  5. Review Selection Time: 28th March, 2017 – 7th April, 2017
  6. Winner announced date: 28th April, 2017  

* The organizer reserves the right to change the date. The latest news will be published on the news bulletin of the official website.

Evaluation Standard





media function usage (30%)







book size






background music


color usage




words size


words edition