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《7th Global Chinese & Education Cup EBook Creation Contest》 started at noon on 3rd Oct. It was held by the Taiwan E-Book Association and the GOGOFINDER. Ministry of Culture, National Central Library, National Library of Public and National Taiwan Library are guide units. The contest is from October 03, 2016 to March 03, 2017, the top three total prize money up to $300,000 plus many awards. Interested? Please check it on official website:


7th Global Chinese & Education Cup EBook Creation Contest was officially launched on 10/03. Shih Hsin University as the host school, TANG DIGITAL INTEGRATION LTD. as the organizer. It was sponsored by Hyweb、HyRead、Lonchun、Mozbii、United Daily News Group、Golden TV、Bookast、DrMaster、PCschool、Little Mongolian、TPDA、Taiwan Digital Publishing Forum、Airiti、Singapore Association of Writers、Publisher Organization
、CSBCA、AOTP、National Taiwan Library、E-Life. We invited many famous enterprises from Hong Kong, mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries to participate in this activity to promote the application of e-books to campus teaching, to expand the application of educational resources and to foster Chinese reading.

The 7th internet voting time will start from 3rd March 2017 to 16th March, 2017. The total prize money up to 300,000, winning EBooks can be stored at the 3 major libraries in Taiwan.

“We have held the 7 contests, and every time I see the students making a book, turning none into a completed Ebook. I deeply believe that the contest has enhenced people's creation and reading ability" TANG DIGITAL INTEGRATION LTD. CEO, Tommy said. 

We hope to create a digital industry via the contest and look forward to a vigorous development! To cultivate the ability of reading, creativity and independent learning, thinking, expression and teamwork by using technical materials. The organizers called on teachers and students to participate in the competition to win awards. The number of participating groups is expected to reach nearly 1,000 groups. The activity shall be browsed by more than 10 million people.

Official Website: http://7thebook.gogofinder.com.tw/
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