【GO】7th eBook Creation Contest Goes International, It Is Your Turn Now!

<7th International Education Cup, eBook Creation Contest> is warmly launched. As of today, more than 3,000 people from Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Mainland China and others have registered to this eBook Creation Contest. The Contest has attracted many participants from children to elders, shows that creating eBook is not just entertaining, but also in this technological age, creativity and ideas can be turned into a simple online eBook!

This year's competition is supported and encouraged by the Ministry of Culture, 3 big libraries in Taiwan: National Central Library, National Library of Public Information, National Taiwan Library are actively assisting the promotion of <7th International Education Cup, eBook Creation Contest>. We hope that by this contest could inspire people's creative ingenuity and stimulate the creative spirit. Organizers (GOGOFINDER Digital Publication Platform and Taiwan eBook Association) will assist and get all the works of finalist into 3 national libraries as collection, so that all finalists' creation could always be cherished and enjoyed.

The spirit from the past years have never change until this year, free topics, expect all participants can think out of box, so that their small universe turned into a rich and exciting eBook. We invite people from all over the world to join the biggest contest of ebook in 2016-2017! The competition will be held from now until 12:00PM on March 3, 2017. Total prize amount more than TWD 300,000 and a lot of gifts, total amount TWD 200,000. The competition is divided into some groups: elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, college, teacher, overseas, and professional groups. Regardless of adults and children are welcome to take the prize!

Shih Hsin University is the host school for <7th International Education Cup, eBook Creation Contest>. Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Open University, Fo Guang University, National University of Tainan, Chang Gung University, President University and others also joined as co-host. This competition is also get enthusiastic response from other industries, such as Singapore Association Writers, Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers, Malaysia Mentor Publishing, att JAPAN, Lon Chun Information, HyWeb Technology, HyRead, Mozbii, United Daily News Group, Golden TV, NOWnews, Axtronics, foodNEXT, Bookast, GJun Computer, Taipei City Youth Development Office, TOP Geng, Little Mongolian Restaurant, Taipei Neihu Technology Development Association, Taiwan Digital Publishing Forum, iRead eBook, China Art & Technology Park, National Taiwan Library of Visually Impaired Data Center, E-Life, Information Management Association, English Generation Language Institute, and many more as a co-organizer together to promote this significant competition.

CEO of Tang Digital Integration, Tommy mentioned that eBook Creation Contest scale expands from year to year, the creativity of the contestants continues to emerge, and helps them to cultivate the way of thinking and problem solving. We realize, on the process of creating an ebook, participant discover more self-potential inside them, and also understand the importance of teamwork, the essence of brainstorming. EBook is not only words, image, but also rich in aesthetics, literature, and music. We hope to see more stunning creation on forward.

For more information, visit us on: http://7thebook.gogofinder.com.tw/en


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